Meagan Comerford


Director, Communications

From vertebrate paleontology to rocket science, Meagan has worked with a wide variety of medical/scientific topics and professionals during her 20 years in marketing and communications. There’s an association or organization for almost everything, and it’s fascinating to learn about things she otherwise might never encounter – which also keeps her on her toes to find optimal ways to communicate to members, promote the organization, and help it reach new plateaus.

As a SRA – Director of Communications, Meagan participates in marketing strategies, annual meeting promotions, website maintenance and redesign, rebranding and logo updates, advertising and social media. She also serves as managing editor for one client’s innovative online resource that is so much more than your basic e-journal.

Meagan earned her BFA in Art History from the University of Illinois, joined SRA in 2006 and has been lucky to participate in award-winning digital, website, and PR projects with SRA clients.