Jason Carlbom


Director of Creative Services

Jason Carlbom is a person who gets bored easily. His 30 year career in design has allowed him to feed his creative passion and obsessive compulsive tendencies by providing design challenges that are constantly changing with the technology and communication strategies.

After initially studying fine art at the University of Illinois, Jason attended The Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated in 1989 with a hefty student loan payment and a degree in Visual Communications.  Since then, he founded his own digital design firm and led the web design and development team at MCI’s Marketing Communications division.

In 1998, Jason joined the Communications division of Kellen where he led the digital design and creative teams, eventually transitioning to Creative Director.

When Jason was single, he enjoyed restoring vintage muscle cars, playing guitar, wakeboarding, camping, and travelling overseas. Now he has a wife and a 10-year-old daughter, so his free time is usually spent hiding in the basement.