Harry Schmitz

New York

Senior Account Supervisor

Harry is half scientist and half wordsmith and 100-percent communicator. He takes pleasure in the magic of advanced technology as much as the beauty of a poem. His specialty is persuasive writing. Most of his professional career has been focused on technical publicity, marketing communications and building brand awareness.

Early in his career, he earned a doctorate in materials science through research at national laboratories, served as the senior technical editor for a semiconductor industry magazine and led public relations campaigns for a bearing manufacturer. He has experienced technology and public relations from many points of view in many industries, developing and launching new products and building brand awareness for nearly two decades with SRA, where he currently holds the title of Senior Account Supervisor.

He has seen the terra cotta warriors in China but now lives in Harlem in New York City, where he enjoys museums, sports events, the performing arts, volunteer work and the multifarious adventures and mishaps of life in the Big Apple.