Branding to incorporate long-lasting design trends, and clearly convey the organization’s identity and industry

Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals


The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) wanted to develop a new look and feel that captured the global nature of the association as well as definitive brand guidelines that conveyed trust, leadership and innovation.


As SMRP prepared for its 25th Anniversary, staff recommended creating a new logo and branding that would highlight the association’s continued evolution and growth.  The branding would incorporate long-lasting design trends, and clearly convey the organization’s identity and industry. Additionally, it would help to build brand awareness, while differentiating it in the marketplace with a look and feel that would have memorable impact.

  • Staff, along with the Creative team, presented SMRP’s leadership a bold logo that showcased the association’s evolution and growth with a definitive arc symbolizing the association’s global presence.
  • The updated color scheme allows for new uniformity across all of SMRP branding.
  • The new look and feel combined new features, while maintaining legacy elements.
  • The updated formatting of the logo allows for better adaptation to digital mediums and vertical real estate (web, social, etc.).
  • Separating the tagline from the logo provides more opportunities for prominent and versatile uses and more effective placement on different branded formats (i.e. website masthead, hero image, digital banners, callouts, etc.).