PEARL – Rebrand

Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League


As an organization, PEARL was struggling with negative industry impressions about reconditioned electrical equipment reintroduced into the field – that it wasn’t safe or reliable. At the same time PEARL had a good reputation in the reconditioned equipment industry as an organization comprised of member companies that are considered the ‘best of the best.’ PEARL also developed two distinct standards to ensure reconditioned equipment is tested, inspected and is in compliance of OEM operating standards before it is put back into use. Even though PEARL, which was established in 1997, has been considered the go-to resource for reconditioned electrical equipment, the organization’s branding was outdated, didn’t instill the confidence and thought leadership that the organization required for growth.


Kellen brought together a committee of PEARL members to discuss how PEARL could be rebranded as a thought leader in their industry. The rebrand would focus on PEARL’s authoritative voice and recognized expertise. Working with the PEARL committee’s input, Kellen embarked on a brand audit and SWOT Analysis and determined that a rebrand would consist of developing / modifying their:

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Brand Voice
    1. New tagline
    2. New name
  3. Brand Identity
    1. New logo
    2. New sub-brands / collateral material
    3. New website
  • New Mission Statement Developed a new mission statement that encapsulated the organization’s reason to be: “Developing, advancing and promoting safe reconditioning practices for electrical equipment.”
  • New tagline Developed a new tagline that was aligned with PEARL’s mission and brand: Trusted. Safe. Now.
  • New name New name was developed to reflect trust, the changing industry and align with PEARL’s reconditioning standard and encapsulates all members and potential members: Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League.
  • New logo PEARL acronym didn’t change but appearance did. New logo is authoritative, with colors that reflect PEARL’s history (blue) and sustainability (green). The ‘R’ in PEARL also acts as an ‘arrow’ symbolizing reconditioned equipment re-entering the marketplace.
  • New sub-brands and collateral material Carries the PEARL brand through ancillary materials.
  • New website Design was focused on modern user experience. Updated and relevant content was developed; website imagery/colors that reflect the new PEARL brand.