A celebration of innovative women in communications

New York Women in Communications


New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) came to Kellen as a small, niche industry group searching for an identity – and a powerful growth strategy.


Together with the NYWICI leadership, Kellen developed long-term growth strategies, branding, and communications plans to engage a broader audience of women, build the organization’s membership, and help plan, promote, manage, and execute an annual awards event that celebrates some of the industry’s most innovative and accomplished women.

By highlighting the accomplishments of Matrix honorees in sectors such as journalism, advertising, PR, digital media, and broadcasting, Kellen secured mass media attention for the organization, the event, and its foundation. We implemented leading digital tactics to build excitement among millennials and the growing online-only community. We leveraged NYWICI’s active and engaged social media community by live-streaming and live tweeting to audiences across the U.S. during the event.

  • NYWICI’s Matrix Awards, their annual celebration of innovative women in communications, has become a star-studded gala hosting more than 1,200 guests –making it the premier communications industry event of the year
  • Secured top-tier digital and traditional media coverage for the event, resulting in more than 200 million impressions, including TODAY ShowExtra, New York Post, Forbes, Variety, New York, Huffington Post, People, Bustle.com., Buzzfeed, CNN Money, Inc. Magazine, Adweek, and more
  • A-List Emcees & Speakers
    • Katie Couric
    • Martha Stewart
    • Arianna Huffington
    • Oprah Winfrey
  • An ever-increasing family of event sponsors