Spreading the Good Word About Soft Margarine

National Association of Margarine Manufacturers


The margarine category was in decline, mainly due to negative media exposure and published research studies about trans fats. On behalf of the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers, Kellen was tasked with creating positive and heightened awareness of the health benefits of margarine as compared to butter to help reinvigorate the declining margarine category.  In addition, we sought to combat historically negative publicity and media bias against margarine.


Kellen zeroed in on the results of a study about butter vs. margarine to help end the debate.  Conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas under a grant from the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers, the results of the 46-family study were remarkable; consumption of regular soft spread margarine significantly lowered total cholesterol and LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol when compared to butter.  In about one-fourth of the families, the margarine-based diet reduced cholesterol levels as much as cholesterol-lowering medication.

We launched a campaign using earned and paid tactics in mainstream media to spread the good word about margarine.  One-on-one media outreach combined with a satellite media tour, syndicated video distribution and full-page newspaper ads reached consumers from coast-to-coast.

  • The intense push and impactful media placements reached more than 83 million consumers.
  • Margarine sales increased by an astonishing 10% in a matter of weeks.