INCA: Re-Brand

Infant Nutrition Council of America


In an effort to broaden the scope of their brand, and reflect the emphasis placed on all aspects of infant nutrition and feeding issues, the International Formula Council decided to rebrand as the Infant Nutrition Council of America.  They asked us to develop a new brand identity, which included a new logo, website, and collateral material.


Staff and Creative worked together to craft a brand which more clearly represented the organization’s mission to advocate for optimal infant health and the critical role of infant nutrition, support families in their feeding decisions and educate on appropriate infant feeding options.  Rebranding elements included a new logo, branding guidelines, letterhead and PowerPoint templates, business cards and a press release announcing the association’s new name.

  • The new logo image represents the love and bonding experienced by a parent and their baby.
  • The soft color palette chosen evokes colors parents associate with new babies while transcending perfectly for the website and throughout the association’s branding.
  • Typography is soft and playful, with the illustrated lines on the stationary/ business cards and banner on the website providing vibrant accents via pops of color.
  • Created and launched a new INCA website (
  • Evaluated, redesigned and rewrote all website content to align with the association’s revised messaging.
  • The new site promotes a balanced and informed dialogue on infant nutrition and feeding, including information on both breastfeeding and infant formula.
  • This new approach further positioned the association as trusted and credible resource, while elevating the group’s reputation and the infant formula industry as trusted experts on infant nutrition and feeding. The content speaks to parents while underscoring a strong and ongoing commitment to the advancement of product quality, safety and best practices.
  • The new website framework was updated and made responsive for mobile browsers.