Thought Leadership / Public Relations

Calorie Control Council


The Calorie Control Council wanted to increase awareness of the association’s thought leadership in diet and weight management with media and consumers, to build the association as a go-to resource.


Taking a cue from the ubiquitous subject of food around the holidays and special events, staff developed media materials including calories in the typical holiday meal, along with tips for having a healthier Thanksgiving. Seeing the success in media pickup of this story, staff built a similar story around Big Game parties.

  • Year after year, staff has garnered placements in ABC’s Good Morning America, USA Today, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, Newsweek, Consumer Reports and US News and World Report, as well as hundreds of local television newscasts and newspapers with the “Thanksgiving meal calories/how to have a healthier Thanksgiving” story.
  • Staff’s “Having a Healthier Big Game Party” pitch has resulted in placements including Fox Business, Forbes, USA Today, NPR, Huffington Post and local TV.