Creating this new brand identity to make it easier for consumers to understand

Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association


With the development of a new residential standards program, the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) was faced with creating a certified residential label that would draw attention to the importance of purchasing certified hardware among trade professionals and consumers building or remodeling their homes. The label would have to follow strict guidelines set forth in the residential product standards, requiring the team to translate dense, technical information into a label that would be easy for BHMA’s target audiences to read and understand.


Kellen pulled together a committee of BHMA members who manufacture residential products to discuss the requirements for the new label, with the ultimate goal of creating a new brand identity for BHMA’s residential standards program – of which the label would be a part. The purpose creating this new brand identity was to separate it completely from the commercial standards program and make it easier for consumers to understand. Kellen kicked-off the project by working with a designer to develop several label concepts and held a 3-day online focus group to determine which concepts resonated most with consumers and which elements were easiest to understand. The result of this focus group was the BHMA Certified Secure Home label, which became the center of the new BHMA residential brand.

Kellen was then able to take the technical information provided by BHMA to develop consumer-focused messaging, developing a new website for the program, as well as a series of easy-to-read marketing pieces – including infographics and an educational video – to be shared at industry conferences and with the trade and consumer media to spread awareness of the program.

  • A new certified product label currently featured in stores;
  • Two bylined articles in key industry publications (Locksmith Ledger and Construction Canada);
  • 38 print articles;
  • Nearly 300 million online impressions, to date.